Many women find that a combination of the natural aging process and childbirth can have an effect on their bodies. ThermiVa helps women restore their sense of well-being and quality of life. The ThermiVa procedure is a gentle and painless way to address issues like incontinence, vulvovaginal laxicity, overactive bladder, orgasmic dysfunction and atrophy. FDA approved, ThermiVa is an aesthetic device that uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to build collagen.  ThermiVa is a great option for women who want to reclaim their bodies without surgery.



  • Improved Urinary Control
  • Greater enjoyment of intercourse
  • Alleviation of vaginal dryness and painful intercourse
  • Aesthetic improvement
  • Comfort exercising or wearing tight fitting clothes
  • Renewed Confidence
 The procedure is performed in about 30 minutes, and there is absolutely no downtime. Patients have reported improvement right away after the first treatment. Results differ from patient to patient. Two additional treatments are recommended to give lasting results. Patients find that they are able to engage in activities and feel more comfortable with their partners and while exercising. ThermiVa uses thermistor-regulated RF energy and the hand piece is specifically designed for comfort. The wand heats the targeted area with radio frequency energy, so you will feel a warm, painless sensation.
At MedSpa your comfort is our top priority. The treatment is performed by Dr. Ajaya Kashyap. For more information on ThermiVa please contact us in Delhi, India.


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